Electric Wonderland

Electric Wonderland is all about DIY explorers, curiosities and open labs in nature. We will delve into the imaginary realms of co-creation by ‘following the white rabbit’ in order to expand the knowledge transfer of high-tech and low-tech merged together into an interdisciplinary laboratory in nature.

The camp will thematise hybrid forms of expressions with a lot of workshops from DIY music electronic instruments, synths and devices, smart city technology, DIY photography devices, biohacking, design thinking, DIY kitchen lab, movable objects and mobiles, eTextiles, robotics, paper art craft, biomimetics, citizen energy communities, solar energy, renewable energies, climate changes and recycling objects, all in the context of citizen science.

People will have an opportunity to join the workshops and lectures as they wish, bring their own projects for further development, give a free style lecture, wander around the woods and lakes to explore the nature, hanging around the camp, maintain the camping fire in the middle of the camp, partaking guerilla workshops for local citizens of Fužine, enjoying or performing every evening at a concert/jamming in the camp, reading, exercising, hiking or cycling, helping to maintain the camp, visiting the city of Rijeka and local Adriatic coast, hanging with artists-in-residence, just to name a few. Not to mention exploring the local flora and fauna with artists, biologists and tech geeks.


Past events

14 - 22.08 2020, Electric Wonderland 2020 @ Fužine, Rakov Jarak, Croatia

01 - 07.09 2019, Electric Wonderland 2019 @ Fužine, Rakov Jarak, Croatia